Unlocking our potential at Vibrant Gujarat Summit.

Entrepreneurship and Startups are the buzzwords these days. They live up to their hype because startups are the hub of innovations.It is a great confidence booster that the country is placing is faith in young innovators and providing them with financial backing,mentoring and networking opportunities to bring their ideas to life.The growth of a country is directly proportional  to  the growth of its budding innovators and entrepreneurship summits create a very healthy ecosystem to achieve it.

Gujarat’s IT summit has spotlighted the idea of bringing Indian talent and Information technology together to create a brighter future for India. Industrial Extension Bureau(iNDEXTb),Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) and GESIA IT Association were key co-organizers of the summit.Interesting fact about the summit was initiated by our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi while he was serving as the Chief minister of Gujarat.

The summit lasted for three days and housed around 250 exhibitors.With Theme based pavilions, innovation zones for exhibition, focused topic sessions and demonstration of disruptive technologies as central ideas ,the summit attracted  10,000 curious visitors. State-of-the-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence,Augmented reality and Virtual reality were presented.

Invento robotics has been an ambassador of innovation and Mitra created awe on stage by disseminating information about the previous editions of Vibrant Gujarat.

Mitra with delegates at Vibrant Gujarat IT summit

Mitra interacted with swarm of students and visitors while bringing a flavour of  “robots are now” to the event. Mitra took a lot of pictures simultaneously updating them on our twitter accounts.

Mitra with the exhibitors at Vibrant Gujarat Summit

It was an honour to be a part of Vibrant Gujarat, an agent of change that is shaping a New India which is empowered, transformed, bold, innovative and poised to lead the new world order.


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