Team Invento celebrates Republic Day!

Team Invento had a jovial, patriotic start to their day as everyone came together to celebrate India’s 69th Republic Day.

26th January marks the second most significant day in the political history of modern India with the first obviously being the Independence day.

As we all know, it was today, back in the year 1950, when we witnessed our constitution come into existence and India finally becoming a sovereign nation.

The country proudly acknowledges this great milestone every year with great zest.

Team Invento also displayed the same enthusiasm today

The Celebration

The celebrations were short and sweet. Following the customs, the entire team showed up at the workplace at around sunrise.

Murali, our senior electronics engineer, took up the task of setting up the flag. We could not do any overnight preparations and everything had to be arranged in the morning. The delayed arrangements was of no issue at all.  

Within few minutes, the verandah of the home cum office saw the flag get neatly readied up for hosting.

Our CEO Balaji Viswanathan unfurled the flag, the tricolour was honoured with salutes and the national anthem was sung with pride.

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