My internship experience at Invento – Part 2

Before I had taken up this internship at Invento Robotics, I had read about the Mitra robot after the GES 2017. I wondered how the developers would be working. I simply assumed that maybe a team of 150-200 highly skilled developers would be behind this product. 

But, my first day at Invento took me by surprise. Unlike the assumption that I had, Invento had a tiny team of 20 members or so. It was great to see that it took that the efforts of such a small team built something like Mitra in a span of just around 10 months. 

The team consisted of professionals who were talented in more than one field. According to me, this is the beauty of this company. 

I quickly understood how much knowledge Balaji sir had possessed. He could conduct professional conversations at any level with a software, hardware or a marketing professional.

Internship at Invento robotics

The whole team encourages you to become open to learning. I was exposed to many different subjects and problems regarding robotics. 

The first thing we would start with is a roundtable meeting every morning where each and every one of us would talk about what we worked on and what problems we are facing. This helped everyone pitch in their ideas to solving different problem statements.

As an intern, this helped me understand much more about different fields such as communication, cloud and other technologies.

I worked on face recognition and object detection during my tenure. I had many problems integrating these technologies. But, there was good support overall at all times. This meant that I could approach any developer in the team and keep moving further with my task without wasting time. 

By the end of my internship, I learnt about problems as well as the solutions for it related to many different domains.

Experience shared by our intern – Keshav Moorty

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