Mitri gives a tech upgrade to Chennai Airport 

Mitri, the female humanoid assistant, was welcomed at the Chennai Airport with a lot of enthusiasm, adding a dash of innovation to the 72nd Independence Day celebrations.

Mitri, with chocolates and national flag in its hands, was unveiled in front of an audience of kids and other senior airport authorities who were present as a part of the Independence Day celebration. The turnout was a good one and soon the newly joined robotic staff was seen mingling with a hoard of people. Kids especially loved the idea of having a robot around them.

Media covered us extensively  Almost all major publication got Mitri featured and the word about a humanoid assistant being brought in as an airport staff spread around quickly.

The hype continued to grow bigger on the next day. Curious flyers made it a point to visit Mitra and get a first-hand experience of interacting with a robot.

Here are small glimpses for the first two days of Mitri at Chennai Airport:

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