Robots’ work: Let’s bid adieu to dull, dirty and dangerous jobs

The world is still sceptical of robots in our homes, workplaces and war zones. But, an increasing number of robotic inventions are continually saving time, resources and lives around the world. In other words, saving us from dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.  

Robots are built for a diverse range of functions and purposes. Industrial robots, service robots and military robots vary in their utility and scope of operations. More often, they replace or assist humans in the most mundane or life-threatening jobs.

The advancement in the field of robotics has been such that we already have robots helping is out doing all the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs for humans. Some of them are really good at their job and have already proven to be a huge boon. Especially, in war zones and tricky rescue operation involving very little margin for error.

Let’s talk about getting rid of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs:

One such example can be of Rovver X. Built by EnviroSight, the main purpose of the robot is sewer reconnaissance, meaning it just humans are no longer required to get down in the sewers to fix issues. 

Autonomous cars have created enough curiosity, we all know this fact very well. A bunch of tech giant including the likes of Google, Facebook, Uber and others have engaged themselves in a sort of tech race, trying to compete against each other.

That being said, witnessing fleets of self-driving cars on our roads is still a far-fetched dream. However, small sized robotic trucks have been buzzing through the minefields. Called as the “HDMAS,” the success rate of these smart trucks has been quite high, all thanks to the advancement of sensors and GPS has changed the whole game.

Another area where robots are proving capable of replacing humans doing the high-risk job of firefighting. SAFFiR, the firefighter bot, is built to extinguish the fire and to carry out rescue operations. The bot can function in high temperatures and support firefighters during rescues at times of fire breakouts. 

Dull, dirty and dangerous – the robots are proving to be more than useful when we need them the most. Research scientists and industries are welcoming robotic innovations and inventions to gear up performance and productivity. It’s time we’re thankful for the limitless possibilities that the age of robotics brings with it.  

Watch robot exterminating pests and weeds:

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