Are we about to bid adieu to chatbots?


If you’ve ever visited a website and had a live-chat customer service or had a conversation with Siri/Cortana you’ve experienced a chatbot, Chatbots are used in dialogue systems to disseminate information. The popular reasons why chatbots became famous were the friendlier interface and 24×7 customer assistance they provided businesses with.

Though chatbots have transformed the nature of B2B conversations, there are areas it fails in. For instance:

  1. Chatbots aren’t intelligent, the conversations are based on the sampling data fed in and the  “If-then” decision trees.
  2. The uses cases are weak,poorly explored.
  3. Chatbots are less transparent as in one is unaware if it is a person or bot they are having a conversation with. You certainly want your bot to feel as human as possible, but lying to your users and pretending to be something it is not can lead to irreversible loss of trust.
  4. Our interactions are based on context, losing it would mean the dead end to the conversation. Most of the times you have the chatbot replying “I don’t understand”.
The future of AI is contextual conversations. Conversations grounded in all-embracing context will give rise to personal assistants with more efficacy—both in our work and personal lives.
“Our interactions will be way more conversational, much more multi-modal. Apps will be able to pick up on our gestures, our facial expressions, our emotions, what is being said in our voice.
— Gabi Zijderveld, Chief Marketing Officer, Affectiva






In future, we’ll adjust less to fit the ways of communication to fit technology and more of technology adapting to us barring the geographical and cultural confines. We’ll have more organic and fluid conversations with bots.




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