AI to bring down WhatsApp hoax messages.

We live in an era of limited attention span, whoever grabs customer’s attention wins the “views and likes” game. Sadly, this has deteriorated the quality of content we come across. The content is exaggerated, emotionally stirring and in particular targets topics like politics, race, religion and culture. There have been a lynching, violent attacks over an unverified piece of message

Yes, choosing to verify the news before propagating it could reduce the chances of fictional and misleading stories becoming popular online. Though WhatsApp has added a feature which lets one know if the message is “forwarded” and shouldn’t be trusted blindly, this alone won’t solve the problem.

How AI can help in tackling fake news problem

Machine learning algorithms have been dealing with spam emails effectively by analyzing the text and determining if the message is from a real person or a Nigerian prince willing to give away all his wealth to you.

  • Based on spam-fighting text analysis, AI can check how a post’s text or headline matches with the content of articles being shared on other platforms.
  • Keyword analytics looks for sensational words in headlines and reports the articles “inappropriate”.
  • Predicting the reputation of the website can nip the fake news problem in the bud.

The potential of AI in confronting fake news isn’t fully realized yet. It is not the end-all solution to fake news but it’ll help spot articles that need to be taken with a grain of salt.


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