The Humanoid

People have talked about robots for 40 years. It is time to finally put to use in our offices.

Face recognition
Speech recognition
Interactive gestures

Industries targeted

In the first phase, we are targeting specific industries to pilot with.


Want to wow your clients and new hires with the state of technology? We can customize conversations that suit your industry.

Retail outlets & malls

Want to engage your customers and guide them through your store? How about recognizing their faces and providing them customized things?


Stand out among your peers. Make your customer's stay memorable and give the families something to look for.

The Features

Speech recognition

Supports offline speech recognition with natural grammar support. Works with Indian accents besides US and UK accents.

Text to Speech

Converse with your customers in natural voice through our 3rd party integration.

Natural conversations

With built in language support, it can answer a variety of questions from weather to news.

Affordable price.

Sturdy design made for mass manufacture.

Engaging design.

The humanoid design is built to engage customers in a natural way.

Face recognition

Detect your customer faces and use the data to customize responses.

Your Benifits

We are currently looking for partners for whom we can build custom solutions around mitra

Converse with your guests

Stand out among your competitors by being able interact with your guests with natural expression and language.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, ask us on Quora.

Why is this needed?

We want to help businesses interact with customers better and with a personal touch.

How do I get on to the program?

We are looking for pilot customers - front offices, hotels and retail chains - to build solutions centered on this.

What is Mitra? How it works?

Mitra is a 4.5 feet tall humanoid that is designed to interact with humans through natural ways - voice and vision. It recognizes speech and then converts that to actionable information. We then run our algorithms to both respond to that query through past learning. This is then conveyed through speech output.

How different is it from Google Home, Amazon Echo, Facebook Jarvis, IBM Watson etc?

We love all those products. However, we believe that it is unnatural for a customer to talk with a lunchbox or humidifier shaped appliance. We also believe in incorporation vision for creating better context awareness.

meet the team

We are a team with expertise in 6 different engineering disciplines and have over 25 years of combined work experience.

Balaji Viswanathan

Co-Founder and CEO

Bharath Kumar

Co-Founder and CTO


Co-Founder and COO

Aswin Kumar

Lead Engineer

Murali Krishnan

Electronics Hacker


Business Development Manager


Software Engineer

Mohammed Anees


Subba Iyer

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Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Feb 2017

First Pilot

Dec 2016

Prototype 1

Nov 2016

First Proof of Concept

Oct 2016

Featured at Bengaluru

Sep 2016

R & D begins.


Mobile App and Web App

Besides speech, you can also control the robot through our responsive web application designed for both mobile phones and the web.